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The best way to get a feel for what VegOK does, in addition to our monthly dinners and VegPAK gatherings, is to see what we've done in the past.  We hope you'll take a few moment to scroll through our photos and accomplishments on this page (more photos are here).  We're proud to be making a difference for animals in Oklahoma!

(2007 accomplishments haven't been updated)

Some of VegOK's outreach in 2006 included:

~Tabled at the OU Health Science Center De-Stress Festival, giving out hundreds of free vegism booklets, educating future health professionals.

~Tabled at Earth Day at University of Central Oklahoma with our "Environmental Impact of Animal Agribusiness" Display.  Gave away lots of free literature.

~Tabled at the annual Peace Festival in downtown OKC, giving out thousands of booklets on vegetarianism.  Our very successful Vegan Bake Sale showed hundreds of people how cruelty-free food is healthy and so delicious!

~VegOK also provided a speaker (Alissa Finley) and free literature at the Tulsa Library System’s “expanding knowledge” conference.  Library employees from all over Tulsa attended this event, and had the opportunity to learn about the benefits of veg*ism at a our lecture that covered the health, environmental, and compassion issues of veg*ism, along with some basic “How-To’s”.

VegOK 2005 Year in Review

Thanks to the dedication, energy, and generousity of our members, this was another successful year for vegetarian outreach in Oklahoma.  Photos of some of these events can be seen on our Photos page.  Among our accomplishments in 2005:

~Staffed an “Environmental Impact of Meat-Eating” information table and food samples on Earth Day at the UCO campus.

~Staffed a Veg-Information Table and free food samples inside Akins’ Natural Food Market for National Meatout Day.

~Staffed a Veg-Information Table for the weekend-long Natural Living Expo.

~Held the 2nd Annual ‘Vigil at the Stockyards’ on World Farm Animals Day in memory of the animals that have passed through the gates of the world’s largest cattle feeder/stocker market, the Oklahoma National Stockyards. (See more information and photos about this event below.)

~Staffed Veg-Information tables and offered free vegan food samples at both the Spring and Fall Groovefest benefits in Norman.

~Held two free screenings (with complimentary vegan refreshments) of the farmed animal documentary, Peaceable Kingdom.

~Held two free screenings (with complimentary vegan refreshments) of the award-winning documentary, The Witness.

~Leafleted “Christianity and Vegetarianism” booklets to Christian concert attendees.

~Held a Vegan Bake Sale and free information display at the Oklahoma Peace Festival.

~Continued placing our Vegetarian Displays in public libraries.

~Formed the Animal Allies committee to organize efforts for animal advocacy.

~Distributed almost 5,000 vegetarianism and animal advocacy leaflets and booklets!

VegOK 2004 Year in Review:

Thanks to the dedication and energy of so many VegOKers, this was a wonderful year for vegetarian outreach. Among our accomplishments in 2004:

~Distributed almost 6,000 vegetarianism and animal advocacy leaflets and booklets!

~Veg-Information Tables: for Earth Day on the University of Central Oklahoma campus, for National Meatout Day inside Akins’ grocery, and at the OKC Peace Festival.

~Continued placing our Vegetarian Displays in public libraries.

~Created Veg-A-Vision, a television video display and information table used in high-traffic public areas.

~Held ‘Vigil at the Stockyards’ for World Farm Animals Day in memory of the 102 million animals sold at the Oklahoma stockyards. (see photos below)

~Arranged 3 public lectures given by respected vegan dieticians Brenda Davis, RD and George Eisman, RD.

~Held two screenings of the farmed animal documentary, Peaceable Kingdom.

~Leafleted “Christianity and Vegetarianism” booklets to attendees at the Promise Keepers and Women of Faith christian conferences.

~Changed our name to better reflect expanding membership, from Vegetarians of Oklahoma City to Vegetarians of Oklahoma.

~Distributed Vegetarian Starter Kits at screenings of the documentary, Super Size Me.

~Formed VegPAK to enhance the community of vegetarian parents and kids.

~Gained national press  on the AP wire for our Healthy Rivalry Resolution to encourage the Oklahoma and Texas governors to wager locally grown produce instead of animals on the OU/Texas football game.  VegOK was awarded 'Best Outreach for World Vegetarian Day' by the North American Vegetarian Society for this action.

~Gave lectures to the Sooner Council Girl Scouts and Edmond Running Club on the health benefits of a vegan diet.

~Official recognition as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

~Launched the VegOK.org website.

World Farm Animals Day 2004, Vigil at the Stockyards:  On October 4, 2004 compassionate people from around Oklahoma observed World Farm Animals Day by mourning the deaths of the 102 million animals that passed through the gates of the Oklahoma National Stockyards, and the 50 billion animals that are killled for food each and every year.

The Gates to the OK Stockyards, the world's largest stocker and feeder cattle market.  The Black Vigil took place right outside these gates, where an average of 3,000 animals have passed every day.

As if on cue, the rain began to pour as the Vigil began at 9:00 am on Monday morning.

Animals arriving.  The banner reads, "We Mourn the Deaths of 102 Million Animals Sold."

Over the two-hour Vigil period, 18 dedicated souls came out to stand in Solidarity.  Many more people were with us in thoughts, both across Oklahoma and around the globe.  Vigilkeepers were all black-clad and held crimson colored flowers in remembrance of needless bloodshed.

As the sun came out at the end of the Vigil, we returned to the gates to place our flowers in memorial.

A symbol of our grief and commitment to end their struggle.

Our thoughts were with those animals beyond the stockyard gates and in all the unseen places around the world.