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VegOK Library Display (shown here at the Moore Library).  Panels include information about our group, photos of and quotes from famous vegetarians, graphics and information about the impact of eating animal products on our health, the environment and the lives of farmed animals, and relevant books that can be checked out from the library. 

Annual Oklahoma Peace Festival:   Outreach and Vegan Bake Sale.  Yum!   

Veg-a-Vision:  Our Video Outreach  Tool.  Great for an evening out!

Natural Living Expo at the OKC Fairgrounds, April 30-May 1, 2005.

University of Oklahoma Health Science Center DeStress Fest 2006.  Information table with free literature.

GROOVEFESTIN' in Norman at the annual Groovefest, April 2005.  VegOK loves tabling at Groovefest and we have done this many times.

Peace Festival 2007: Best Vegan Bake Sale to date!!   Festival-goers took hundreds of booklets.  So many, in fact, that we are excited to use some of our profits to buy more!