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Vegetarian Restaurant Options in the Oklahoma City/Norman/Edmond Area

The most frequently asked question of VegOK is “where do you eat?”  Lucky for us, there are now 3 vegetarian restaurants in the OKC area, one is even raw & vegan!  There is also a plethora of healthy, compassionate, delicious options at omnivorous restaurants from Edmond to Norman and places in between.

Our restaurant listing is an ever-evolving compilation.  VegOK welcomes suggestions or corrections—just send us an email to Liz@VegOK.org.  

Wait staff are generally glad to help with ingredient questions and substitutions.  It is always good to reaffirm with restaurant staff if you have concerns about any dish’s ingredients.

Vegetarian-no meat in the dish

Vegan-no meat, dairy, egg, or animal by-products at all in the dish

Veg*n- term used to be inclusive, meaning vegetarian and/or vegan.


The Red Cup Café

3122 North Classen Blvd.

Oklahoma City, OK  73118



 Your neighborhood Vegetarian Café - The Red Cup has gone all vegetarian, but not vegan. Most every dish has cheese in it, but they are willing to leave the cheese off, if asked. They usually have a vegan dinner on Thursdays.


LOCAL RESTAURANTS (OKC unless otherwise noted) 


Gopuram  (4559 NW 23 St., 23rd and Meridian) - www.gopuramtasteofindia.com/  Another long-time favorite Indian restaurant in veg circles. 

Himalayas 709 N. Moore Ave. (located just off I-35 in the New City Center, next to Aaron’s Furniture in Moore, OK)  Very vegan friendly Indian restaurant.  http://www.himalayasok.com/
KhaZana (Mayfair Shopping Center on May and 50th).  Indian restaurant.  Lots of vegan choices.

Misal's (580 Ed Noble Pkwy in Norman) http://www.misalofindia.com/ Beautiful décor.  Indian restaurant with some delightful differences from most Indian restaurants. Winner of the "Best Healthy and Vegetarian Restaurant" award by the Norman Transcript Readers' Choice Survey, 2011.

Taj (1500 NW 23rd Street, just west of the Gold Dome, 601-1888)   Wonderful Indian buffet and menu, with many veg*n items.  Vegetarian buffet on Thursdays.  Another VegOK favorite.   All Indian restaurants will have a number of vegetable-based dishes that are vegan, so their buffet is a good option.  You just have to ask the staff, if you want to be assured which items are vegan.
Extensive menu which includes these vegan items: Vegetable Spring Roll, Vegetable Samosa, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Banarasi, Gobi Anarkali, Kofta Curry, Vegetable Curry, Peeli Dal Tadaka, Baingan Bartha, Subj Biryani, Paratha, Aloo Paratha, Masala Dosai, Plain Dosai, Rava Masala, Iddly, Poori Masala, Lemon Rice, Medu Vadai.  Vegetarian:  Paneer Masala, Kofta Malai, Palak Paneer, Vegetable Korma, Tandoori and Taj Naan, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai, Kheer, Gajar Halwa, Vermicelli Pudding.


Bangkok (NW Expressway and Macarthur) The menu doesn't list tofu, but they have it.  Ask for Tofu and Pineapple Curry or their Green or Red Vegetable Curry.

Panang Thai Restaurant (9022 S. Pennsylvania in S. OKC)

Sala Thai (1614 NW 23rd St)  

Thai Basil (2nd St and Santa Fe in Edmond),

Thai Kitchen (327 Dean A. McGee @ Hudson, Downtown OKC) 

Thai Palace (308 W. Edmond Rd.),

--all will take ANY meat dish and substitute tofu for you if you tell them to.  


The Meditteranean Deli (5620 N. May)

Zorba’s (4621 N May Ave)  http://www.zorbasokc.com/

great Mediterranean places with lots of choices.


Akin's (63rd and May) They have a little counter from which you can pick up lunch.  Their veggie sandwich is vegan with soy cheese and sometimes they have a really good soup.

Casa Perico Mexican Grille (63rd and Meridian and 122nd and Penn) Careful! They use lard and chicken broth in their rice and beans, so if you order off their "Vegetarian Menu", you're not getting vegetarian, but they make a steamed bean and veggie taco salad that's vegan.  http://casaperico.com/index.htm

Flat Tire (318 East Ayers St. Edmond, OK ~ Campus area off 2nd in Edmond)Amazing home-made veggie burgers.  They use Parmesan in them, so they're not completely vegan.

Hunan Garden (NW Expressway and Rockwell)  Standard Chinese buffet, but they always serve a tofu dish on the buffet where many don't.  However, almost every Chinese restaurant will at least have something and many now have the teppanyaki grills where you can choose all the veg ingredients for your own stir fry.

Picasso's on Paseo (3009 E. Paseo, OKC 73103, in the art district) - Several veg dishes, some of which are vegan. http://www.picassosonpaseo.com/Picassosonpaseo.com/Menu.html

Queen of Sheba (2308 N MacArthur) - Ethiopian restaurant.  http://queenofshebaokc.com/ They have six or seven vegan dishes and it's just so cool to be able to try out a unique cuisine like that in Oklahoma!

Veggies Cafe – All vegetarian and almost entirely vegan restaurant.  Very yummy food, but in Ardmore! Just to the east of I-35, if you exit the 12 th St ramp.


Lots of chains restaurants such as Bennigan's, Denny's, Chili's, Red Robin, Johnnie's, etc. have veggie burgers on their menus, but you must ask the staff if you want to make sure it is vegan.

Denny's, Bennigan’s, Red Robin: (various locations) - They now have the vegan Boca Burger on their menu—but make sure you ask for this NOT the Gardenburger if you are looking for vegan.

Chili's (several locations) - vegetarian black bean burger, though the "veganity" of it not entirely trusted.

Chipotle Mexican Grill (3315 NW Expressway at Hefner Parkway, 1569 S. Broadway in Edmond and 765 Asp Ave. in Norman) - grande burritos made with black beans, rice, and sautéed peppers & onions. Add toppings like guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, salsas - mild, medium, or hot, or get it naked in a bowl (without the tortilla - just white flour anyhow.)

Jason's Deli
Plenty of salad material, but the cool thing about Jason's is the mixed greens (and a few other things) are organic (very important for spinach). Also have a Spinach Veggie Wrap which, sans cheese, is vegan. Watch out for their French Onion Soup though.  The menu says it's vegetarian, but it's made with beef broth. 

Johnny Carino's (NW Corner, Memorial and May)  They have a very good vegan artichoke/caper pasta dish.

Lotsa Noodles (various locations)--casual and quick noodle place with also lots of salads. They'll add tofu and vegetables to any dish.  All the noodles are vegan except the egg noodles.

Macaroni Grill (various locations)  Their Capellini Pomodoro is vegan and you can make a dish with whole wheat penne and veggies that's a little healthier.

On the Border (various locations) - Their black beans are vegan--order a side of them and the guacamole.  They've said their rice isn't cooked with chicken broth, but I've heard differently too, so steer clear.  They also have a veggie taco that not bad, but you have to ask them to cook it in oil, not butter. 

Panera Bread (multiple locations)

Several soups are offered each day and at least one, usually two, are vegan and/or vegetarian. Salads, minus the cheese, can usually be made vegan. Their Ciabatta, Sourdough, and Whole Grain breads are vegan (and some others might be) and they have a good vegetable vegetarian sandwich, which can be made vegan if you ask to the hold the cheese and use balsamic vinaigrette dressing.  Also have soy milk for your morning latte, though most places do now. Most locations keep an ingredients book near the cash register so be sure to ask about specific menu items if you have questions.

Pei Wei (Belle Isle Shopping Center in OKC, and a location in Edmond (?)  Lots of vegetarian and vegan, great tofu (firm).  Try the Soba Miso Noodle Bowl with tofu and extra vegetables.  Extra vegetables gets you these wonderful snap peas and there are definitely two meals in one order.  One of the few places in the city with brown rice too, which is healthier than white.

P.F. Chang's (NE corner of Memorial/Penn)  Nice veg menu with tofu dishes, yummy beans and asparagus too.  If you're afraid of tofu, try the Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps.  They'll win you over.  P. F. Chang’s and Pei Wei are owned by the same company.
Qdoba Mexican Grill  (NE Corner, Memorial and Penn)  Very veg-friendly chain, but no tofu.  The only products that *do* have dairy in them are the sour cream, cheese, mole, and ranch dressing.  They even have vegan tortilla soup!!

Schlotzsky's Deli – Nice place to order a veggie sandwich with no cheese or ranch dressing.  They claim the bread is vegan. 

Souper Salad - Typical salad bar with fresh fruit and all the fixin’s, and they have a vegan soup most days.
Southwest Moe's (Belle Isle Shopping Center, and Broadway/33rd area in Edmond.)  Mexican food place with tofu that's very flavorful!  Burritos, taco salads, and a fun environment. 


Burger King - Burger King has the BK Veggie and their French fries are vegetarian (However, McDonald’s fries are not vegetarian, they are coated with beef fat.)  The BK Veggie used to be vegan but it is no longer.  Their burgers now contain egg.

Jamba Juice - All the smoothies can be made vegan by substituting sorbet for yogurt.  Just ask the staff to make your smoothie dairy-free and they will always whip up something yummy!

Subway - You can always get an all-veggie sub made the way you like it.  Subways all over the country have the Veggie Patty on their menu board, but most in Oklahoma don't.  However, if you ask for it, they often have the patties themselves in the freezer. It's a great sandwich. 

Taco Bell - Well-known to vegetarians because they use no lard in their beans or chicken broth in their rice.   Request to substitute beans anywhere an item has meat. Popular vegan items are Bean Burrito minus the cheese, Mexican Pizza, minus meat and cheese plus beans, and the Seven Layer Burrito, minus the cheese and sour cream.

Most Mexican restaurants, fast food or otherwise, have the lard and chicken broth problems. 

Wendy's - Baked potato and salad bar (load the potato up with veggies and salsa.)

Where to Shop for Veg-Friendly Products:

North Side:  Akin's Foods (2 locations: 63rd and  N. May and in shopping center across from Quail Springs Mall at Memorial and N. May)

South Side:  Health Food Center (I-240 & S. Pennsylvania Ave.) – Much bigger grocery than Akin's, and they carry certain products Akin's doesn't and I think they may be a tad cheaper (especially the organic veggies).  They also have a bulk foods area that Akin's doesn't.

Near Downtown:  Nutritional Food Center (10th and Classen)—Not as good as Akins and the Health Food Center, but decent if you need supplements, some veg products, etc in center of city.

Target/Wal-Mart -  (all around town) While I like to support small, local business and those supporting "alternative lifestyles", there's only a certain amount of money to spend and a few essential veg products can be found there for 1/2 the price at Akin's.  Target and Wal*mart carry some organic vegetables that are definitely cheaper than Akin's.

Dodson's Nutritional Center  (Norman, just north of Robinson at 36th St, west of I-35).

The Earth grocery  (Norman, 309 South Flood, just south of Main on Flood) - Tiny little grocery, but they have a vegetarian menu with some great lunch choices. 

Whole Foods (Tulsa at 41st/Peoria) – Natural grocery/ vegan superstore!
 Great Deli food.

Thanh-Son Tofu (905 NW 23rd Street) - If you like the idea of buying local, you can buy tofu here that's made fresh daily.  It's got a bit stronger flavor than most store-bought brands and they make it with different flavors.  They'll even cut it up and deep-fry it for you so you can munch on it on the way home.  Not the most healthy way to eat it, but it's pretty darn good.

Chinatown Supermarket (27th and Classen) - Nice supermarket with a great number of cool, specialty products.  They have wonton wraps that don't contain egg, slivered bamboo shoots, a little round pastry that's vegan called Red Bean Cakes, and several canned and frozen substitute meat dishes.  Ever seen a fish-shaped, seaweed wrapped, tofu fish?  They carry frozen faux meats like fish, duck, ham, chicken nuggets, crab, etc and these guys have been doing this a long time so these products can be amazing.

Mediterranean Deli and Imports ( NW Expressway and May ) - Olives, nuts, spices, bread, tahini, hummus, tabouli, several varieties of lentils and other beans.  Great resource.

Taj Grocer (5110 N Macarthur) - If you're interested in Indian cuisine, I bet they can help you out.