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Be Le Vegetarian:  6634 S. Lewis

All-Vegetarian restaurant!  This is one of those cool Chinese restaurants that use faux meats, not just tofu.  And they're MSG free!

Ri Le's: 4932 E 91st St

The owner Ri Le (ree-lay) is a vegan. There is a small vegetarian section on the menu, but Ri Le will prepare special dishes upon request. Try the soy dishes, which aren't on the menu but are very popular: sesame soy, strawberry soy, pineapple soy, and ginger soy are all wonderful. Veggie egg rolls and imperial rolls are also available. 

Qdoba (three locations in town) and Chipotle (10902 E. 71st St.) are good Mexican options.

Lanna Thai (7227 S. Memorial Drive and 3535 E. 51st St.) -- Really tasty Thai food. They will make anything with tofu (fried or fresh) instead of meat, and they label the things that are made with animal broth.

India Palace (6963 S. Lewis Ave.) – The always delectable Indian food. They have a large vegetarian section.

Desi Wok (3966 S. Hudson Ave.) -- Indian and Chinese food. Anything on their menu can be made with tofu, veggies or paneer (an Indian cubed cheese) instead of meat. They also have a few meat-free options with chickpeas and stuff. Tasty!

Shish-Kabob's (11605 E. 31st St.) -- Mediterranean food. They have a vegetarian plate, falafel platter, and a couple of different veggie/vegan sandwiches. They also have sides such as hummus, tabbouleh, etc.

Shades of Brown coffee house (3302 S. Peoria Ave.) will do soy instead of dairy milk, and they sometimes have vegan treats!

Panera Bread (various locations)

Several soups are offered each day and at least one, usually two, are vegan and/or vegetarian. Salads, minus the cheese, can usually be made vegan. Their Ciabatta, Sourdough, and Whole Grain breads are vegan (and some others might be) and they make a good vegan sandwich  (if you hold the cheese and use balsamic vinaigrette dressing).  Also have soy milk for your morning latte. Most locations keep an ingredients book near the cash register so be sure to ask about specific menu items if you have questions.

The Wild Fork:  1820 Utica Square

Very pleasant atmosphere. If you like lentils, this is the place to eat. Good lentil soup and a lentil salad that is large enough for an entree.  Vegans: Ask them to hold the cheese on both. 

Big Al's:  15th & Harvard

Clean and well lit, you can see the food being prepared. They have a vegan burger, a bean burrito, and many other items that can be made vegan.

Cafe Ole:  3509 S Peoria

Mexican decor, clean but crowded. Avocado sandwich (hold the bacon and mayo) served with black beans (hold the sour cream). Skilly burrito - large whole wheat tortilla wrap with black beans and rice, served with fresh fiesta salad.

Burger King

All Burger Kings now have a veggie burger, and if you hold the mayo it is vegan. The fries are also vegan. You can order a value meal which includes a veggie burger, fries, and soda. The veggie burger sells for $2.09

NOTE: The BK Veggie is no longer vegan. Burger King's supplier changed the recipe and the burgers now contain egg whites.

Taco Bell

Well-known to vegetarians because they use no lard in their beans or chicken broth in their rice.  Most other fast-mex chains (Taco Bueno, etc.) have the lard and chicken broth problems. 


You can always get an all-veggie sub made the way you like it.  Subways all over the country have the Veggie Patty on their menu board, but most in Oklahoma don't.  However, if you ask for it, they often have the patties themselves in the freezer. It's a great sandwich.

Jamba Juice

All the smoothies can be made vegan by substituting sorbet for yogurt.  Just ask the staff to make your smoothie dairy-free and they will always whip up something yummy!


Baked potato and salad bar (load the potato up with veggies and salsa). 

Jason's Deli

Plenty of salad material, but the cool thing about Jason's is the mixed greens (and a few other things) are organic (very important for spinach.   Also have a Spinach Veggie Wrap which, sans cheese, is vegan   Watch out for their French Onion Soup though.  The menu says it's vegetarian, but it's made with beef broth. 

Souper Salad

Huge salad bar with fresh fruit and all the fixin’s, and they have a vegan soup most days. 

Schlotzsky's Deli – Nice place to order a veggie sandwich, vegan if ordered with no cheese or ranch dressing.  They claim the bread is vegan. 

Don’t Forget!  Food Wonders abound at Wild Oats at 41st and Peoria.  A have-it-all natural foods grocery.