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Vegetarian Parents and Kids (Veg PAK)

Veg PAK strives to meet on Sunday afternoon each month for children to play and for parents to socialize and share knowledge.  We believe it is important to create a sense of vegetarian community for our children.  Veg PAK gatherings include kid-friendly vegan snacks, a lending library, and free literature resources.  Anyone of any dietary path is always welcome.       

Come share your knowledge, experiences, and questions with other veg parents, while the kids have a great time playing and munching on yummy kid-friendly vegan snacks. As always, food and beverage contributions to the meetings are appreciated, but not necessary to join in the fun!

No Upcoming Events At This Time


Links for Further Resources:

Veganize Your Storytime:  Books for the Littlest Vegans and Animal Advocates    by Alissa Finley

Veg Family
Veg Family is the magazine for veg family living.  It includes sections on veg pregnancy, babies and toddlers, children, teens, health and cooking tips as well as discussion forums and a shopping guide.  It also has segments called Ask the Dietician, The Whole Family, Vegan Family Profiles, and EarthTalk.  

Veg for Life Veg for Kids


This site provides links to information on veg diets for kids, veg snacks for kids, kid-friendly recipes, and clothing, accessories, and more.  It also has links to helpful veg resources for both parents and kids.

Veg for Life Resources for Parents

This site includes website links as well as book and cookbook information for parents.  Website links address such topics as veg nutrition, veg parenting (for babies and toddlers all the way to teens), veg food guides, and articles on kid's health-related issues.

The Lunchbox Bunch

The Lunchbox Bunch is described as a "wacky crew of friendly fruits and veggies, each with a unique personality."  This cast of characters helps to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids through books, coloring pages, recipes, fun facts, and other activities.  
Raising Veg Children - Yahoo Group hosted by Vegetarian Resource Group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vrgparents/  

The Vegetarian Resource Group invites you to be a part of a network of vegetarian parents interested in exchanging ideas on various topics, such as creating tasty snacks for toddlers, the challenges of non-vegetarian family/friend gatherings, how to talk with your child about vegetarianism, helping kids handle peer pressure, and even shopping resources for leather/wool alternatives!  

Raising a Veg Family

This site, which is part of the larger Vegetarian Resource Group, has links about veg nutrition, Vegetarian Journal articles, recipes, family books, and additional materials for the veg family.